Fleximate Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV)

  • Worksmart has recognized the need for ergonomic, barrier free assembly and manufacturing. For large and heavy products, we offer our Fleximate AGV combining automatic product flow with ergonomic assembly.

    Download our Worksmart Systems AGV Handout.

  • Customer Benefits

    Some key features and benefits of the Fleximate AGV include:

    • Low first cost providing a fast return of investment
    • Rigged modular design allows for customization and up to 2000-pound capacity
    • Adhesive back magnetic tape guidance speeds install and makes cell changes simple
    • Line rebalance is quick with either moving a magnetic target or a simple reprogram
    • Inherently safe: 24-volt, power obstruction sensors and an integrated e-stop
    • Unlimited ergonomic – 360º access to the product plus optional height adjustability, custom fixturing and rotation
    • Low maintenance: standard components and simple design. No chains, power wiring, or belts unlike a conventional conveyor

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