Cart Lift Elevators

As production volumes increase, handling of the pallet from the main upper track to the lower return track may require evaluation. To eliminate cart handling to and from a return, cart lift elevators should be considered.

The Cart Lift System is used to automatically raise and lower carts to and from the return tracks at the head and end of a cell.  A pneumatic rodless cylinder, actuated by 24v DC solenoid valves, controls the raising and lowering of the carts. The elevator modules are PLC controlled and operate independently requiring only 80 PSI and 120 volts AC. Elevators are furnished assembled for “plug and play” installation. Key design features include reliability, repeatability and low maintenance. For lengthy cart return tracks, we recommend our Flexi·Flow drive to move the empty carts from one end of the line to the other. For safety, the elevators are shielded with poly carbonate sheet, and an interference sensing module stops and locks the elevator carriage in place in the event of inadvertent contact.

  • 50001 B Lift Module

    50001 B Lift Module, shown without polycarbonate guarding surround.

  • 50001 B Lowering Module

    50001B Lowering Module, shown without polycarbonate guarding surround.

  • Custom Control Panel

    Custom Control Panel