Drawing Section

The modular Fleximate Transport Line can be configured in countless layouts. To assist you in your cell evaluation, here are some plan views of various assembly layouts.

The attached drawings show possible configurations of a four person manufacturing cell. Included is a description of each configuration’s features and benefits. We have shown a four person cell for simplicity. The cells shown utilize small Fleximate¨ Integrated Stations (#80030), gates, turnstyles, shuttles and curves. All can be customized to improve on your lean initiatives. The configurations can be expanded for any number of stations and can be utilized not only for assembly but also for test, rework, inspection and packaging.

  • C1_StraightLineCell-a

    Concept 1: Straight Line Cell

    This type of cell uses minimal floor space. It allows the addition or deletion of stations to balance and rebalance a cell with minimum effort, thereby being able to ramp up or down to meet production volume requirements. Workers can easily work 1 up, 1 down on the line. For higher production volume, a pneumatic lift system, Model No. 50001, is available to raise and lower the work carts from the main line to a return track below the station. This eliminates handling of carts. Parts can be stocked from behind the stations. All of these features improve lean manufacturing by reducing line waste and improving your ability to react and meet customer demand. Call for cart lift system application data.

  • C2_RectangleClosedCell

    Concept 2: Rectangle Closed Cell with Shuttles

    A closed cell allows for good communications between workers and automatic return of carts to the head of the line, as the assembly process starts and finishes at the same point. Using the shuttles at the ends of the cell allows for quick transfer of carts from one side of the line to the other, and utilizes less floor space than 90¡ curves. This cell would take up an area of 17′ x 7′.

  • C3_4StationL

    Concept 3: Four Station Cell “L” Configuration

    An “L” configuration can be used to fit into a confined area, go around a corner on the factory floor, and is good for allowing pallets of material to be brought into the area behind the workers. Its openness also provides good station to station communication.

  • C4_4PersonUwGate

    Concept 4: 4 person U-Shaped Cell with Gate

    The “U” shaped cell allows for good communication among workers to solve and prevent problems and maintain quality standards. This configuration allows for the worker to be inside and/or outside the cell. If volume ramps up significantly, a closed loop would be retrofitted. An optional transfer cart can be used to return multiple carts to the head of the line, or a powdered cart return on a lower track with elevators on each end could be utilized.

  • C5_4PersonOval

    Concept 5: Four Person Cell “Oval” Continuous Loop

    This scheme allows for the progressive return of the cart to the head of the line and has many of the benefits of scheme 2. Assembly, test and/or packaging can be done on the curve sections of track (an integrated station is shown in the 180¡ curve). This type of cell is good for all levels of production volume when handling the carts is not desirable. It also provides good station to station communication.

  • C6_4PersonwShuttle

    Concept 6: Four Person Cell with Shuttle and Turnstyle for Taking Product Off-Line

    This configuration shows two methods of taking product off-line. The turnstyle, #50002, allows a small section of track to be turned 90¡ degrees to the main line to transfer the work cart off-line. It can also be used to make a 90¡ degree change in direction in a tight corner. The shuttle, #50000, is a second way to transfer product off-line. This uses a shuttle cart, which carries the work cart and product, off-line for test and rework. Both methods of taking product off-line allow for duplicate tasks to be performed on-line without bottlenecks.