• Case Studies: Worksmart Fleximate transport Lines

      This video library provides an overview of both standard and custom cells which Worksmart Systems has designed and constructed with our Fleximate Transport Lines. Our system is a hybrid of an ergonomic workstation and a conveyance. The basic building block is a modular workstation constructed with 1.5” od anodized aluminum tubing and fittings with a pair of horizontal tubes. A fleximate Transport Cart rolls on the tubes moving the production from position to position. The stations are connected together by the track tubes to create a custom cell. The Fleximate Transport carts are available it two standard sizes 12” deep x 18” long and 18’ deep x 22” long. Carts are customizable for size, top,fixture details, ESD protection and product rotation.

  • Case Study Video 1

    Fleximate Transport Line -Straight ESD Cell with Single Unit Flow, and on Line Test

    This 100 foot long cell is an example of a straight ESD cell with a single unit flow on line test for an electro-mechanical high volume product.

  • Case Study Video 2

    Fleximate Transport Line -350# Product 11 Station Cell with Test

    This 100 foot long cell is producing a 30” x 39” product and features improved ergonomics, supermarket parts presentation, tool handling, on line test plus many other enhancements.

  • Case Study Video 3

    Fleximate Transport Line- Oval Configuration

    Worksmart Fleximate Transport Lean Assembly Cell in an oval configuration performing heavy mechanical assembly with custom rotating trunion fixtures.

  • Case Study Video 4

    Fleximate Transport Lean Assembly Cell- “S” Line

    Two long “S” cells in a clean room environment with 250# cart capacity. Also unique cart design for quality control.

  • Case Study Video 5

    Fleximate Transport Line- Lean Assembly Cell Straight Line

    Two custom Fleximate cells featuring unique overhead return of empty pallets.

  • Case Study Video 6

    Oval Lean Assembly Cell with Low Temperature Oven

    This Fleximate assembly cell includes a progressive flow through a low temperature oven in a clean room environment.

  • Case Study Video 7

    Fleximate Transport Line-Lean Electro/Mechanical Assembly Cell Oval Configuration

    The Cell design includes a novel fixturing for progressive assembly of complex product.

  • Case Study Video 8

    Fleximate Transport Line-Worksmart Heavy Transmission Assembly Oval Cell

    Unique approach to kitting components that must be confined together.

  • Case Study Video 9

    Fleximate Slide Lines

    2 Parallel 100” long Lines for a 400# product with mixed model capability, error proofing, automated pallet return and custom tool presentation

  • Case Study Video 10

    Mixed Model Lean Cell with Supermarket Parts Presentation

    This solution features a company that provides a modular product built to order. They can fulfill any order from 1 to 500 pieces within 48 hours.

  • Case Study Video 11

    Single Piece Flow Straight Cell with Mixed Fixturing and Packaging

    In this application with a new product, the directive was to make the process lean and progressive.