Offline Operations

During production, testing, rework or packing, it may be required to take product offline to eliminate bottlenecks. This can be done on a Fleximate transport line with a turnstyle or shuttle.

Turnstyle #50002

Worksmart®’s turnstyle provides a means for changing the direction of a transport line or as a means of removing product off line. The turnstyle locks in 90-degree quadrants by means of a pneumatic actuated, spring-loaded pin. A friction brake prevents carts on the turnstyle from rolling off the station while being rotated.

Gate #60001, #60003

The gate can be used to get from one side of a line to the other or to work inside/outside of an oval or “U” shaped cell. It is available with or without a return track and has a gas cylinder assist.

  • Gate Down Position #60003

  • Gate Up Position #60003