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Fleximate Table Top Stations

Table Top/Conveyor Stations: Fast Return on Investment

If your budget doesn’t allow for a complete workstation or if you are working on a conveyor or roller wheel conveyor, our table top workstations can be invaluable for improved ergonomics and productivity. By mounting to your existing station or conveyor rail, you can quickly customize parts presentation, mount test equipment and fixtures, and display terminals/ keyboards and scales. With a low first cost and improved productivity and ergonomics the net result is a fast return on your investment.

A number of accessories, such as overhead work lights, bins and support rails, document clips, tool trolleys, shelving and height adjustable options, make your floor stations perfect for any manufacturing assembly needs.

  • 90006 Table Top Station

    90006 Table Top Station

  • 90000 Table Top

    90000 Table Top Station with accessories