Worksmart Systems Introduction to Lean Manufacturing

Since 1988, Worksmart Systems has strived to provide innovative and cost effective results for lean manufacturing and assembly. From medical to defense, electronics, transportation, consumer products and everything between, we have extensive experience in creating simple solutions. Our areas of experience and expertise include assembly flow, lean manufacturing, ergonomics, parts handling, fixtures, parts presentation, packing, test, inspection, ESD control, and systems integration. To assist in your lean initiatives implementation, we have three main products:

  • Fleximate Integrated Transport Lines
  • Fleximate Floor Stations
  • Quixxsmart Structures

10 Rules For Successful Lean Cell Design

After designing and building proven and successful assembly and manufacturing cells for 25 years, we have put together the commonsense rules that run through our cell designs. Whether you are building a few or a few hundred units per shift, they will provide benefit, and pay dividends.

Introduction to Lean Assembly Cells

Worksmart Fleximate Transport. Learn about the unique features and benefits of Worksmart’s Fleximate Transport Line.

Our Fleximate® Transport System is a hybrid free conveyor and ergonomic workstation. We also offer many enhancements and options to optimize your productivity. With hundreds of installations, our system has been proven with increased efficiency and fast return on investment. An added feature is the ability to be recycled and utilized for future production requirements.

Our Fleximate® Floor Stations provide the ability to customize stand alone workstations with a single tool for unlimited worker comfort and ergonomics, large complement of accessories are available for further optimization. With the addition of our Quixxsmart modular product line, we provide unlimited parts handling and presentation as well as ergonomics. It is the perfect complement to a Worksmart cell. Based on industry standard 27.5mm diameter plastic jacketed steel tubing joined with stamped steel fittings, custom parts racks, and carts are easily designed and fabricated.

We take pride in being extremely flexible and responsive; usually offering design concepts for your evaluation within 24 hours. Our design team is also available to meet and view your operation and goals. And with our full assembled cell option, we can provide a lean cell that can be put in production within hours, saving labor and allowing your team to focus on business. From design concept to ready to work, turnkey cells, Worksmart Systems provides solutions with a fast return on investment. To learn about our solution based products, please see our case study videos. How can we assist your team?