Fleximate® Integrated Ergonomic Workstations

Custom Modular Assembly Cell

Worksmart Systems’ Fleximate® integrated workstations are a hybrid of a modular conveyor line that’s combined with ergonomic workstations. Individual Fleximate® workstations are joined together to create optimized, worker-paced, progressive assembly cells. Work in process flows through manufacturing, test, inspection, and packaging on Fleximate® carts. These cells can easily be customized for optimized lean manufacturing. For the ultimate in simplicity and convenience, our entire system is designed to be assembled or modified with only one tool – a 3/16″ Hex Key.

Fleximate Integrated Workstation
Overview Specifications

Construction: 1.50? od x .125 wa aluminum tubing with anodized finish
Fittings: Polycarbonate or cast aluminum fittings
Configurations: Standing height, 36? to top of cart
Sitting height, 30? to top of cart
Weight Capacity: 150# per cart
Custom higher weight capacities available
Tracks: With return track
Without return track
Track Widths: 12″, 18″
Station Sizes: 48? or 60? overall length
Custom heights available
Cart Size: 12? wide x 18? long
18? wide x 22? long
Cart options: Rotating Top
Without a top
Custom fixture details
Custom sizes and capacities
ESD: optional
Track Configurations: Straight Track
90º Curve Track with workstation
Parts Flow Racks